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I'll Fly Union Jack All Day, But My Name is Akin Clock Echo Trauma

+ I'm Dreaming of Ghosts And A Six-Pack of Beer +

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n. [003]
Seriously, what kind of company doesn't give you a raise after promoting you to a supervisorial level? Fuck you, Progress Energy. I guess you guys thought not paying bilingual workers more didn't make you big enough asses, so you had to tack that onto your ever-increasing list of ways your policies supremely suck. You can't increase a competent employee's salary by what? One, two dollars? Upper management needs to die in a fire. An electrical fire, preferably.

Other than that, work is going okay, if tediously robotic, and I'm able to relax. In huge part of the fact that I have a decent sum of money saved and I don't care if I'm fired or not.

Will probably going to Siegecon, the Game Developer's Conference here near Atlanta, so long as I can mash a quick art/design portfolio up in time. Last year was fun.

The fuck is with my vocabulary today.
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(Deleted comment)
They should have to run around in giant wiener suits handing out bouquets of, I dunno, unpaid overtime or something.

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