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I'll Fly Union Jack All Day, But My Name is Akin Clock Echo Trauma

+ I'm Dreaming of Ghosts And A Six-Pack of Beer +

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I am going to start keeping probably-not-consistent entries of Homestuck-related chat logs I like.

cybertronics: Imagine a Ceiling Equius
cybertronics: You'd notice him
cybertronics: After a while
cybertronics: Because you'd suddenly feel a watery substance falling from your ceiling
ghastlyBones: oh god
cybertronics: And you'd think
cybertronics: HM
ghastlyBones: ooooooooh god
cybertronics: Must be a water leak
ghastlyBones: that's so creepy
cybertronics: Look up
ghastlyBones: fuck xD
Messi: ...
ghastlyBones: brb loling forever
cybertronics: And there he is. Sweating it out like the sick bastard he is.
spazzale: fff- lol
spazzale: then he tells you to continue

cybertronics: I think you can get car insurance with Equifax
cybertronics: AKA Equiusfax
Yoshi-: heh
Fuf: ahahaha, equiusfax
cybertronics: Equiusfaaaaax so clever
Fuf: equius-related car insurance consists of equius tuning up your car such that it could hold its own in a fight with him
cybertronics: Or like
cybertronics: Whenever someone is right about to crash into you
cybertronics: BOOM
cybertronics: HERE COMES EQUIUS
Fuf: oh man yeah!
cybertronics: Jumps outta nowhere
Fuf: best insurance
cybertronics: Right in front of your car
cybertronics: And punches the other car/truck/tank in the face
cybertronics: And it goes flying all the way to Derse
Fuf: the downside is he probably wouldn't give enough of a shit to provide such insurance to those of lower caste
cybertronics: It hits Jack Noir in the face every time
cybertronics: This happens hundreds of times a day
cybertronics: It's why he's so grumpy all the time
Fuf: jack noir the car wreckage magnet
cybertronics: Yes
cybertronics: Exactly
Fuf: theoretical physicists endlessly baffled
Fuf: gamzee explains: miracles
cybertronics: And Equius proceeds to punch the physicist non-believers in the face
Yoshi-: haha
cybertronics: Then he punches physics in the face
Fuf: friggin ow
Fuf: ahahaha, he could totally do that, too
cybertronics: Seriously
Fuf: he probably does all the time when nobody's looking
Fuf: rules of the universe
cybertronics: Or when people are looking
Fuf: punch 'em
Yoshi-: of course
cybertronics: So they can gape and awe at his mighty highblood power
Fuf: constant state of punching things
Fuf: he's the force keeping the universe from just spontaneously discombobulating into chaos, he punches the physics constantly to keep them working
cybertronics: Yesss
cybertronics: His sweat alone controls the given alignment of the planets
Fuf: this is why the towels are so important
Yoshi-: why does this make so much sense
Fuf: because sleep deprivation
Fuf: and also because it is truth
Fuf: distilled from the essence of...truth that was already pretty pure to begin with
Yoshi-: :0
Yoshi-: truth tastes good
Fuf: it does

Also I find it extra-ironic for this entry that Rich Text uses < strong > to bold text instead of just < b >.